The most important advantage of our products in tool cart groups is their ergonomic and practical usage due to their small dimensions. By storing tools in drawers, tool loss is kept to a minimum. Our products are generally preferred in the automotive service sector and in the maintenance and repair departments of the facilities. In this group, we have alternative models with drawers, shelves and many other features. These kit can be used as tool cart. There are 4 guide rails in the cabinets. Electrostatic powder coated. Drawers with two high safety switches, central locking system, load capacity of 50 kg with a single drawing of 97%.

The silent working drawers are suitable for the storage of all types of kits and vehicles and provide easy access. All drawers have self-pushing channels. The rails have 2.5mm 6201 zz bearings. Although the drawer heights can vary between 25 mm and multiples, it is possible to create very different drawer combinations with metal separators depending on the overall drawer height. It has a rounded edge, embedded ribbon channel, anodized aluminum lugs and drawers with plastic taps on the lug heads. For wheeled models, there is a metal pool on the cab to prevent tool dropping. Since the wheels are 2x fixed, 1x mobile and 1x mobile brake wheels are used.

Our 8100 series machine tools are widely preferred by the aviation industry with 5 - 6 and 7 drawer models. These tool carts have the same technical characteristics as other tool carts.

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