In the first years of its establishment, Koçel Çelik Eşya has been producing formica covered home furniture and in the following years it continued its activities by producing cabins for the devices used in the electrical and electronics sector. Production of drawer cupboards which were the first item of the product group in the 80s; Since Mustafa Dolu, one of the teachers of Merzifon Art School, had a very high price in Germany, he started to play Mahmut Usta, the steel shopkeeper in Zeytinburnu, Istanbul. The late Mustafa Dolu shares the catalogs and drawings in his possession with Mahmut Usta. But in those years, Mahmut Usta, who had no machines other than arm presses and arm shears, said that it was difficult to make these cabinets, and that it was impossible for them to twist their tracks with the machines he had. Thereupon, Mustafa Dolu does not give up and he brings his rails and bearings made of U iron in his workshop and puts him in front of Mahmut Usta. Mahmut Usta produces the first 3 drawer cupboards that can be considered as milestone for these days by cutting and twisting them in arm sleeve and arm press against Mustafa Hoca's determination and desire.

Mustafa Hoca makes only plastic separator molds in the drawer for use in his cabinets and in the following years he sells the molds to Mahmut Usta who has started to make tool cups in series and starts the first story of the production of cupboards for Koçel Çelik. We thank the late Mustafa Dolu, who has been instrumental in coming to these days, with gratitude.


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KOÇEL was established in an area of 200m2 in Zeytinburnu.  


Steel and formica-coated home furniture began to be produced.


After the trial samples, the production of drawers was started in accordance with the demands of the customers.

Moving drawers and lock systems were started to be implemented.


In the 1200 m2 Mahmutbey factory, the product range increased with the expanding team of 25 people.


It has a wider range of products with its 7500 m2 production area in Gebze Organized Industrial Zone, with advanced technology and increasing customer potential.


Our transition to Industry 4.0 started with a fully automatic paint line.

We added our welding robots to our automation line.


Thanks to Qr Code, we provided quick access to "Product Information", "Operation and Maintenance Guide" from the mobile environment.


We have implemented our smart cabinet design.

We have started to create our multi-stage, automated, programmable production line.

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