We wish success to YTU RACING. - 24.07.2019
The YTU Racing team, which we have sponsored since 2014, has successfully completed all the dynamic stages of Formula Student East, organized in Hungary and attended by the strongest FormulaStudent teams in Europe. As Koçel family, we wish you success in the stages that will take place at the Italy Ricardo Paletti race track.



Giresunspor's 2018-2019 Chest Advertise Sponsor Again KOÇEL Steel Goods - 16.07.2018

Our Chairman of the Board Metin Koç continues to support the Green and White club. Standing out with its support for Giresunspor for nearly four years, Koçel Çelik Esya has now become the chest sponsor of the 2018 - 2019 season. Metin Koç said yesterday, “Giresunspor is a love, a passion. I am happy to be a part of this family. Life is green and white to us. ” He used his expressions.


We are proud of supporting our future. - 23.04.2018

Dr. We supported the UNMANNED AERIAL VEHICLE project produced by our students at the STEM Laboratory of İlhami Faydagör Secondary School with our products. We continue our support for our young who are the future of Turkey.

Istanbul Technical University Rover (space research tool) 02.04.2018

We continue our support for our young who are the future of Turkey.

Serkan TÜRKELİ, who led the team of Istanbul Technical University Rover (space research vehicle), presented a plaque to our Chairman Metin KOÇ for their support.

We are running together with Bursaspor towards to success - 01.08.2017

Between 2017-2018 and 2018-2019 seasons, inside the field, advertisement agreement was signed to support Bursaspor.


Giresunspor's 2015-2016 Chest Advertise Sponsor KOÇEL Steel Goods - 01.08.2015

In the 2015-2016 season, we sponsored the backstage of Giresunspor. We wish success to Giresunspor.

Giresunspor's 2014-2015 Back Advertise Sponsor KOÇEL Çelik Esya - 09.08.2014

Expressing that Koçel Steel Goods(Koçel Çelik Eşya) aspires to the back of the jersey, Club President Mustafa Bozbağ said, "The agreement is good for both parties. They provided a serious support to Giresunspor. On behalf of both myself and the management, Koçel Group Chairman Metin Koç Thank you for being with us in this war, "he said.

On the other hand, Metin Koç stated that they wanted to advertise Giresunspor for a year and said, "The Fortune is for today. We have no financial expectation, we have made this attempt to protect our team. This is nothing for us against the difficulties what our friends face. They stay away from their families and loved ones every day. They are dealing with the province to province, rain and snow. We sponsored our team just because we love it. "


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