Social Responsibility

Book donation to Giresun Yağdere Students - 13.01.2020

KOÇEL Steel Goods Industry Inc. businessman Metin KOÇ, who is the chairman of the board of directors, provided educational set support and various gifts to our 8th and 12th grade students at the Yağdere Anatolian High School. After his  speeches, the businessman was presented with a plaque by Hasan Öztürk, the man whom  Director of Province Education, and the Mayor of Yağdere, Yaşar İbaş, presented a Turkish Flag painting.


Library Opening Ceremony- 08.05.2018

We donated libraries and books to Çayırova Alparslan Primary School.

Çayırova District Governor Hasan Gözen, who attended the opening ceremony held in Çayırova Alparslan Primary School, was accompanied by Çayırova Mayor Şevki Demirci, Family Social Policies Provincial Director Bekir Yümnü, District Director of National Education Azmi Tunç. Under the program KOÇEL Steel Products Co. The library was opened by the businessman's chairman Metin Metin KOÇ.

Full Support for Education - 26.4.2018
KOÇEL Steel Goods Industry Inc. Metin Koç, the chairman of the board of directors, realized his father's dream of contributing to education and built the "Machine and Metal Technologies Workshop" required by the Vocational School of Technical Sciences, Giresun University (GRÜ). The 180m2 prefabricated workshop had been builty by Koç which is equipped with The newest system equipments and 2 pieces cnc bench. The KOÇEL Steel Goods Industry Inc. (KOÇEL Çelik Esya Sanayi A.Ş) named after its founder father Mahmut Koç. The opening of the workshop was made by Metin Koç's father Mahmut Koç, Rector of the GRU. Dr. Cevdet Coşkun, together with Giresunspor Club President Mustafa Bozbağ and Yağdere Mayor Abdurrahman Kırhasanoğlu. Speaking at the opening, Metin Koç expressed that he was happy to realize his dream while his father was alive.


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