KOÇEL Çelik Eşya A.Ş. respects your privacy and attaches importance to your data security. In this context, this text has been prepared in order to inform and enlighten you about the “Cookie".


Many websites use "Cookie" for increasing technical, functional, experience quality and many other reasons. The following describes our use of “cookies and how users can manage them on various channels.

The information described in this document should be considered as a whole with the text of the Disclosure and Privacy Statement accessible from our website within the framework of the Personal Data Protection Act (KVKK).

What is a Cookie?

Cookie is a type of identification file that is left to the computer by any Internet site. Cookie files store session information and similar data. When a site that uses cookies is visited, that site may send a request to the browser of access to drop one or more cookies to the hard drive.

Cookies do not contain personal data such as name, age, address, or gender of visitors to the site.

For more information about cookies, please visit the websites   www.aboutcookies.org   and   www.allaboutcookies.org .

What are Cookie Types?

Cookies are divided into various types in terms of their intended use, duration and constituents.

Website cookies and third-party cookies are used, depending on who is the party that created and placed the cookie. Third-party cookies may be managed by different companies, depending on the website's business partners, service providers and collaborations.

Depending on how long the cookie is in use, session cookies and permanent cookies may be used. Session cookies are deleted as soon as the visitor stops visiting the website. Permanent cookies remain on the user's visitor's device, even if the visit is finished for a specified period of time depending on the intended use of the cookie.

Depending on the intended use of the cookies, the website may use advertising and targeting cookies, experience personalization cookies, verification cookies, analysis / analytical cookies and technical cookies.

Why Use Cookies?

Cookies on the website may be used for the following purposes.

Visit and experience personalization, targeting, accurate and targeted advertising and promotional activities

Accurate, easier and more efficient operation of the website and its components

Improve performance and improve user experience by analyzing information such as website, source utilization, accessing person information, number of visitors and detection of platforms.

To fulfill the functions required for the operation of the website

How can you manage your personal preferences regarding the use of cookies?

Optional deactivation of the use of cookies on certain issues that are necessary for the operation of our website may prevent the website from working properly. We cannot guarantee that your information and visit experience on our website will not be interrupted when you change your preferences for such cookies.

By visiting this website you agree to the use of Cookies.

Date of Issue: 25.11.2019

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