Our cabinets for CNC tool group. Optionally, we have models that can be used in mobile or fixed. Used to maintain morse holders for CNC machining centers in mold makers and machine manufacturers. They are high quality cabinets and suitable for storing small items. Provides easy access to your materials. SK 30-40-50 can be used for morse conics and HSK 16-32-40-50-63-80 cones. Welded, robust, sheet steel construction and painted with electrostatic powder paint. Inside the cabinet there are 4 vertical rail guide posts. The silent drawers have a load capacity of 80kg with a single opening of 98% and have a high security, 2-key central locking system. All drawers have pre-printed channels. It is possible to change the drawer heights with 25mm and its multiples and to create multiple drawer combinations with metal separators according to all drawer heights. Rails 2.5mm 6201 zz bearing and drawers E standard 1E = 17mm. There are wedges with M12 screw which are adjusted to the floor. Doors with doors can be opened 180 degrees. Aluminum handles with rounded edges with recessed ribbon channels and plastic plugs on the handle heads.

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