Founded in 1977 in Istanbul, KOÇEL Steel Goods Industry Inc., with 40 years of experience in the steel furniture and furniture industry serves. Our company, which has entered the sector by producing drawers, continues to expand its product range every year and continue to produce special products for different sectors. KOÇEL Steel, which has contributed to the development of Turkish industry since its establishment and has implemented many new investments, is increasing the quality in the sector with each passing day.

Our company, which started production in an area of ​​200 m2 and continues its production in its 8750 m2 factory located in Gebze Organized Industrial Zone, provides employment opportunities to more people every day while contributing to the country's economy with its exports. Beside this, KOÇEL Steel produces world class products by following the technology closely and always keeps the quality and customer satisfaction at the forefront.

Drawer cupboard, CNC tool cabinets, material cabinets, personnel cabinets, work tables, tool carts, storage and spare parts such as shelves with products such as automotive, white goods, textile, electronics, education, health to defense services to many different sectors.


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