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As Koçel Çelik Eşya, we have achieved a deserved place in the industrial steel furniture sector by our product quality, customer satisfaction and our “Anti Clutter Solutions” since 1977.

With our industrial steel furniture we ensure that the working environments for your personnel become more efficient and ordered. We have all cabinet alternatives necessary for plant, workshop environments. We provide with Cabinets with Drawers, CNC Tool Cabinets, Industrial Cabinets, Computer Cabins, Material Cabinets and Cabinets with Sliding Doors the possibility to store spare parts and materials, store them systematically. There are Personnel Cabinets for the preservation of working equipments, debited to your personnel.

Whilst the material usage is facilitated by the Systems and Stands with Stowage Boxes, we help you to ensure the tidiness and working ease at your plant with Working Tables, Tool Hanging Carts. We provide with Tool Wagons and Working wagons the possibility to work mobile in your working environment.

We carry the quality into your environment with our office tables and cabinets regarding your office environments.

We ease your load with our Galvanized Shelf, Minirack Shelf, Medium Type Shelf and Heavy Load Shelf Systems in the logistics sector.

As Koçel Çelik Eşya, it is our principle never to compromise from quality at our products.


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